High-quality code.

Write modern, clear, and concise code with the P42 programming assistant. For JavaScript and TypeScript.

P42 Programming Assistant
"P42 helps us keep the code of our various Vega repositories consistently up to date with modern JavaScript and TypeScript standards."
Dominik Moritz
Co-creator of Vega
P42 helps you develop great code.

Code like an Expert

Let's admit it: it's super hard to learn JavaScript and to stay up to date.

P42 for VS Code shows you hints on how to improve your code while you write it. And can change it for you.

So you can relax instead of worrying about the latest details of JavaScript.

P42 informs you about the latest best practices.

Learn as a Team

Pull requests are a great way to exchange knowledge, but often experts are not around or have little time.

P42 for GitHub reviews your pull requests automatically and suggests improvements that make your code cleaner and more modern.

So you and your teammates can learn the latest best practices and focus on application-specific details during code reviews.