Use let and const to Declare Variables

let and const are block-scope variable declarations that can replace 'var' declarations in many cases.

const declares blocked-scoped variables that cannot be re-assigned. let declares block-scoped variables that can be changed. They are available since ES6 and are preferred over function-scope, modifiable var declarations, because they make it easier to reason about the code.

When there are several variables declared in a statement, this refactoring does not change the declaration to prevent formatting breakages and linter issues.

Learn More: Let (MDN), Const (MDN),

Original Code


1var a = "Hello";1const a = "Hello";
2var b = "World";2let b = "World";
3 3
4b = "Visitor";4b = "Visitor";
5 5
6console.log(`${a}, ${b}!`);6console.log(`${a}, ${b}!`);
1var a = "Hello";
2var b = "World";
1const a = "Hello";
2let b = "World";
44b = "Visitor";
66console.log(`${a}, ${b}!`);

Transformed Code

const a = "Hello";
let b = "World";

b = "Visitor";

console.log(`${a}, ${b}!`);

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