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Automate code reviews and identify outdated code in JavaScript and TypeScript repositories.

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"P42 helps us keep the code of our various Vega repositories consistently up to date with modern JavaScript and TypeScript standards."
Co-creator of Vega
P42 for GitHub reviews code together with another developer.

Automate Code Reviews

Pull requests are a great way to exchange knowledge and ensure high code quality. However, experienced engineers should focus on the big picture and not waste time reviewing code quality details repeatedly.

P42 for GitHub reviews your pull requests automatically and suggests improvements that make your code cleaner and more modern, so you and your teammates can learn the latest best practices, enjoy high-quality code, and save time. Learn more...

P42 for GitHub shows you where in your codebase old code is hidden.

Identify Outdated Code

Codebases evolve over many years, and old patterns, outdated best practices, and tech debt often accumulate in many areas.

But working with code written with outdated syntax and patterns from 5 or 10 years ago requires a taxing mental shift for senior developers. It is even harder for new developers who are used to modern code.

P42 for GitHub scans and visualizes your codebase, so you can identify and modernize problematic code areas before they lead to developer frustration, missed deadlines, and unnecessary bugs.

"Legacy code is a growing problem in the JavaScript world. I've created P42 to help developers modernize code easily, so they can enjoy implementing new features with the latest standards."
Founder of P42

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P42 for Visual Studio Code helps you write modern, clean, and concise code in JavaScript and TypeScript. Learn more

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