Sign Up and Install P42+

To use P42+, you will need to sign up with a GitHub account.

  1. Go to and click on Sign Up with GitHub.
  2. Sign in to GitHub.
  3. Click on Install P42+ app, then
    • Click Install (when you have only a personal account), or
    • Click to select a personal or organization account. This grants the P42+ app the necessary permissions to analyze your code and provide suggestions. P42 install multiple repositories
  4. In the Install page, choose the GitHub repositories in which to install the P42+ app.
    • All repositories - This options installs and grants the app access to all existing and future repositories associated with the GitHub account. Install in all repositories
    • Only select repositories - Install and grant the P42+ app access to specific repositories. From the Select repositories dropdown box, click to add a repository from the list. Repeat this step to add multiple repositories. You can click X to remove unwanted repositories. Install P42+ in all repositories

      ℹ️  You can select public or private GitHub repositories, depending on your P42+ plan.

  5. Review your P42+ configuration, and click on Install to proceed with the installation. Review P42+ installation settings

Once the installation is complete, P42+ automatically starts the codebase analysis on all selected GitHub repositories that are not forked. For forked repositories, you need to enable the analysis on the repository page.

Uninstall P42+

To uninstall the P42+ app from your GitHub account:

  1. Go to the Repositories page. Click on GitHub Configuration for the account you want to uninstall the P42+ app from.
  2. In the P42+ app configuration page, scroll down to the Danger zone section and click on Uninstall.
  3. Click OK to confirm and proceed with uninstalling the P42+ app.

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