You need to upgrade to P42 Pro or Business to get a license key. You can try P42 Pro for free for 14-days.

Getting Your P42 License Key

  1. Sign up for P42 with your GitHub login.
  2. Upgrade to the P42 Pro plan.
  3. Select the license key text (gray background) and copy it to your clipboard.

Entering Your P42 License Key in Visual Studio Code

  1. Open the P42 Programming Assistant sidebar.
  2. Open the "License" section.
  3. Click "Enter License Key".
  4. Paste the license key from your clipboard and press enter.
  5. Your license key is being activated.
  6. Verify that the "License" section says "Your P42 Pro License … is active …".

💡  You can collapse the license panel by clicking its title once you are done.


If you encounter any issues with your license, please contact [email protected].