How is the P42 JS Assistant different from GitHub Copilot

The JS Assistant and GitHub Copilot serve different purposes. GitHub Copilot provides completions that help you write new or additional code. The JS Assistant helps you understand and refactor existing code. It shows metrics and graphs, suggests refactorings, and automates code actions. Many of our users use both tools together.

What files does the P42 JS Assistant support?

The JS Assistant supports JavaScript, TypeScript, React and Vue.js files:

  • Files with a .js, .jsx, .cjs, or .mjs extension are supported JavaScript sources.
  • Files with a .ts, .tsx, .cts, or .mts extension are supported TypeScript sources.
  • Files with a .vue extension are supported Vue.js Single File Components.
  • All JavaScript files and TypeScript files with the .tsx extension can contain JSX (React).

Does P42 support Flow type annotations?

No. P42 supports plain JavaScript, JSX and TypeScript.

Does the P42 JS Assistant for VS Code analyze my code in the cloud?

The JS Assistant for VS Code only analyzes your code in the cloud when you use the Cloud AI feature. All default actions in the JS Assistant for Visual Studio Code are performed locally. The Cloud AI feature needs to be activated in the settings, and each Cloud AI action has an indicator so you know when parts of your code would be send to the P42 AI server.

How can I disable a refactoring / suggestions?

You can disable them by adding a section in the p42.config.toml configuration file or by disabling them in the Visual Studio Code settings. Learn more in the configuration section.

How can I report bugs or feature suggestions?

Please use the P42 JS Assistant issue tracker.

What known problems and workarounds exist?

  • On vscode.dev, the P42 License Panel is not available. As a workaround, you can enter your P42 Pro License key by triggering a mass refactoring in the context menu.
  • On vscode.dev, changes to p42.toml are not immediately reflected in your editor. You need to refresh the browser tab.

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