Repositories Page

The Repositories page is the home page for your P42 account. This is where you can get an overview of all repositories where the P42 app is installed.


Here are the elements you can find in the Repositories page:

P42 Repositories page

  1. Configure GitHub Accounts
    Takes you to the Install page to select the GitHub account you want to configure. See Configure P42 App Settings for more information.
  2. GitHub account
    GitHub account name.
  3. GitHub account type
    Indicates if the GitHub account is a Personal or Organization account.
  4. P42 plan
    P42 plan for the given GitHub account.
  5. GitHub configuration
    Brings you to the P42 app installation page for the GitHub account, where you can uninstall or configure the P42 app. See Configure P42 App Settings for more information.
  6. Analysis results summary
    You can get a quick view of the number of suggestions resulting from the analysis of each repository. Clicking on a specific repository takes you to the Repository Page for a detailed breakdown of the refactoring and modernization suggestions.

    💡  If you see the "Repository too large (limit is 500MB)" status, this means the repository has exceeded the maximum size supported for P42 analysis. See Get Started - Limits and Boundaries for more information.

Configure P42 App Settings

To change the GitHub repositories which the P42 app has access to:

  1. Go to the Repositories page. Click on GitHub Configuration for the account you want to manage.
    Select GitHub account to configure
  2. In the P42 app configuration page, scroll down to the Repository access section.
    Configure repository access for P42 app
  3. Choose the GitHub repositories in which to install the P42 app.
    • All repositories - This options installs and grants the P42 app access to all existing and future repositories associated with the GitHub account.
    • Only select repositories - Install and grant the P42 app access to specific repositories. From the Select repositories dropdown box, click to add a repository from the list, and repeat to add multiple repositories. You can click X to remove unwanted repositories.
  4. Click Save to save the configuration changes, or click Cancel to undo any changes.