How P42+ Works

Once you have signed up and installed P42+, you can:

P42+ automatically analyzes all code changes or commits made to the default branch of a GitHub repository . It also analyzes all pull requests made (to all branches) in the GitHub repository.

P42+ Workflow

To get started, sign up to P42+ with your GitHub account. Then log in to P42+ and choose the GitHub repositories where you want to install the P42+ app. You can select public or private GitHub repositories, depending on your P42+ plan.

P42+ automatically runs a codebase analysis on all supported file types (JavaScript and TypeScript) in your GitHub repositories when

  • The P42+ installation is complete,
  • There are code changes or commits made to the default branch of the repository, and
  • Commit checks are enabled and pull requests are made to the repository.

ℹ️  P42+ codebase analysis run time depends on the number of files and complexity of the source code in each repository.

The analysis results are presented as a list of suggestions for applicable JavaScript and TypeScript source files. You can review each suggested change in a diff view. If necessary, you can configure specific paths or folders in a repository to be excluded during analysis.

P42+ automatically reruns the codebase analysis when any changes are detected in the source code (e.g. new commits), or when new suggestions are available.

💡  Review your P42+ suggestions regularly to ensure your JavaScript and TypeScript source code stays clean, modern, and up-to-date.

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