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P42 is an automated, GitHub-integrated JavaScript and TypeScript code refactoring tool. It analyzes your GitHub repositories to provide code modernization and refactoring suggestions without modifying the intended behaviour of the code.

With P42, you can:

  1. Keep your JavaScript and TypeScript codebases up-to-date with modern coding best practices,
  2. Receive continuous suggestions to improve the structure, readability, and maintainability of your code, and
  3. Shorten the turnaround time for GitHub pull request reviews by letting reviewers focus on the architecture and design, rather than code structure issues.

๐Ÿ’กย ย P42 is particularly useful for developers to efficiently update JavaScript code to newer standards to enjoy newer language features.


It is easy to get started with P42. All you need is a GitHub account with JavaScript (.js) and/or TypeScript (.ts) source code in your repositories.

Limits and Boundaries

Repository size

The maximum GitHub repository size that can be supported is 500 MB. Any repository larger than 500 MB will not be analyzed, and this will be indicated in the Repositories Page.

Analysis Runtime

The maximum codebase anlysis runtime for a repository is ten minutes. The analysis will automatically time out if the runtime exceeds ten minutes. If a timeout happens, you will see the "Analysis timed out" status in the Repository Page.

File Size

The maximum file size for source code files is 512 KB. Files that are larger than 512 KB will not be analyzed. When files are excluded from the analysis, it will be indicated in the Analysis Details in the Analysis page.

Diff Size Per File

The maximum raw diff data for a file is 256 KB. The source file will not be analyzed if the diff size exceeds 256 KB. This will be indicated in the Analysis Details in the Analysis page.

Supported Languages

Currently P42 supports the following languages and file types:

  1. JavaScript (.js, .jsx, .mjs, .cjs)
  2. TypeScript (.ts, .tsx)

๐Ÿ“ย ย Source code files containing non-standard elements that cannot be parsed are excluded from analysis.

Everything other than the formats listed above will be skipped and excluded during analysis of a repository.


See How P42 Works for more information.


The P42 interface features a simple top navigation bar containing the following elements: P42 top navigation bar

  • P42 home icon - Home button to get back to the P42 homepage.
  • P42 help - Help link. Takes you to the documentation for the current page.
  • P42 logout - Sign out button. Ends the current P42 session.
  • Repositories - Go to the Repositories Page for your P42 account.
  • \<GitHub_username>/\<repository_name> - Quick link to return to the Repository Page. This link is only visible when you are viewing the Analysis Page for the repository.

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