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Edit Code Effectively

Manually editing your JavaScript code is often cumbersome and error-prone. With the P42 JavaScript Assistant, you can use fast, automated code assists and refactorings to modify your code accurately on a structural level and focus on what change you want to make, not on what to type.

Edit your code fast and accurately with the P42 JavaScript Assistant.

Learn Modern JavaScript On The Fly

JavaScript and its ecosystem are rapidly progressing, and it is time-consuming to stay up-to-date. The P42 JavaScript Assistant shows suggestions for using modern JavaScript syntax and APIs so you can write clean code without spending time catching up on the latest JavaScript features.

Learn modern JavaScript with the P42 JavaScript Assistant.

Refactor Safely

Refactorings, especially those that are performed manually, can easily break existing functionality or introduce bugs.

P42 automates refactoring steps and analyses the safety of potential refactorings, so you can refactor with confidence and know what to consider to avoid unnecessary breakages.

Refactor safely with the P42 JavaScript Assistant.


Legacy code is a growing problem in the JavaScript world. I've created P42 to help developers refactor and modernize complex codebases.


Founder of P42

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