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"P42 helps us keep the code of our various Vega repositories consistently up to date with modern JavaScript and TypeScript standards."
Co-creator of Vega
P42 informs you about the latest best practices.

Stay Up to Date

The JavaScript ecosystem is rapidly progressing. It is easy to fall behind and end up with a complex legacy codebase that no one wants to touch.

P42 ships hints for new language changes end evolving best practices regularly, so you can relax and don't need to spend time figuring out what comes next in the JavaScript world.

P42 helps you develop great code.

Get Instant Feedback

Let's admit it. When we write code, it is easy to miss outdated code, potential bugs, and refactoring opportunities, especially when working in code bases that others have written.

P42 analyzes the code in your editor, gives you instant feedback on how to improve it, and can auto-fix it for you. It augments your understanding of the code you work with, so you quickly improve existing code as you go and make high-quality additions.

P42 informs you about the latest best practices.

Refactor Safely

Refactorings can easily break existing functionality or introduce bugs, especially in legacy code or when executed manually.

P42 automates refactoring steps and analyses the safety of potential refactorings, so you can refactor with confidence and know what to consider to avoid unnecessary breakages.

"Legacy code is a growing problem in the JavaScript world. I've created P42 to help developers modernize code easily, so they can enjoy implementing new features with the latest standards."
Founder of P42

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