GitHub Pull Request Review with P42+ Commit Checks

Lars Grammel
Lars Grammel
Published on March 23, 2021

Pull requests are central to many developers' workflows, both in open source projects and in companies. As part of pull requests, code reviews can improve the quality of new or changed code, and the reviewers can reject potentially problematic changes.

In code reviews, many different kinds of issues need attention. There are software design concerns, such as checking if the pull request fits into the existing architecture. There are software quality concerns, such as verifying that the code is correct. And there are stylistic and project standard concerns, such as checking if the code follows project and team guidelines.

Project standards and guidelines are important for teams to work effectively together. However, looking for them takes up review time with work that often feels boring and mechanical.

To help developers focus on deeper software design and architecture issues, P42 reviews pull requests for code modernizations. Once you enable commit checks, P42+ analyzes the code added or changed in the pull request and reports the results as GitHub checks. Ensuring that your code stays modernized has never been so easy!

P42 Pull Request Checks on GitHub