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@p42ai makes refactoring a ton of fun ❤️ 

I really missed all those powerful refactoring commands PHP Storm had. @p42ai is slowly filling that gap. Give it a try, it's awesome!

Now I can be more productive without refactoring my code by hand. Such a time saver!

Edit code effectively

Manually editing your JavaScript code is often cumbersome and error-prone. With the JS Assistant, you can use automated code actions to modify your code accurately on a structural level and focus on what change you want to make, not what to type.

Edit your code fast and accurately with the P42 JS Assistant.

Improve your code

It is easy to miss potential improvements that could make your code more readable and maintainable.

The JS Assistant shows suggestions for improving and modernizing your code, so you can write clean code without paying close attention to every small detail.

Improve your JavaScript code with the JS Assistant.

Modernize your projects

JavaScript and its ecosystem are rapidly progressing, and keeping your code up-to-date is boring and time-consuming.

The JS Assistant lets you mass modernize files and folders, so you can enjoy working with modern code without the tiresome work of manually updating it.

Modernize your JS & TS projects with the JS Assistant.

Refactor safely

Refactorings, especially those performed manually, can easily break existing functionality or introduce bugs.

The JS Assistant automates refactoring steps and analyses the safety of potential refactorings, so you can refactor with confidence and know what to consider to avoid unnecessary breakages.

Refactor safely with the P42 JS Assistant.

Monitor your GitHub repositories

Updates to GitHub repositories can come from many places, and it is easy for low-quality code to slip in. The JS Assistant can monitor your GitHub repositories and their pull requests and let you know when there are suggestions for improvement.

Modernize your JS & TS projects with the JS Assistant.


Legacy code is a growing problem in many JavaScript products. I've created the JS Assistant to help developers work effectively in complex real-world code bases.


Lars Grammel
Lars Grammel
Founder of P42

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Dominik Moritz
Dominik Moritz
Co-creator of Vega

P42 helps us keep the code of our various Vega repositories consistently up to date with modern JavaScript and TypeScript standards.

Steffen Holanger
VS Code Extension Review

5/5 stars. The mass refactoring has been a HUGE time saver and really helped modernize old code bases. Highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

The JS Assistant and GitHub Copilot serve different purposes. GitHub Copilot provides completions that help you write new or additional code. The JS Assistant helps you understand and refactor existing code. It shows metrics and graphs, suggests refactorings, and automates code actions. Many of our users use both tools together.

AI credits are used to run the Cloud AI feature in the JS Assistant for Visual Studio Code. Every time you execute a Cloud AI action, an AI credit is deducted from your account.

AI Credits are refreshed based on your billing cycle. If you have a monthly subscription, 100 AI credits are added to your account at the beginning of your billing cycle. If you have a yearly subscription, 1200 AI credits are added to your account at the beginning of your billing cycle. Trials have 20 AI credits available.

The JS Assistant only analyzes your code in the cloud when you use the Cloud AI feature or the GitHub application. All default actions in the JS Assistant for Visual Studio Code are performed locally.

The Cloud AI feature needs to be activated in the settings, and each Cloud AI action has an indicator so you know when parts of your code would be send to the P42 AI server. The GitHub application is a separate application that you can install from the GitHub Marketplace. It will analyze your repository in the P42 Cloud.