Modernize your JavaScript code.
In under 10 minutes.

Create pull requests to use new language features and apply best practices. For JavaScript and TypeScript.

P42 Code Analysis and Suggestions
"P42 helps us keep the code of our various Vega repositories consistently up to date with modern JavaScript and TypeScript standards."
Dominik Moritz
Co-creator of Vega
P42 informs you about the latest best practices.

Stay up to date

The JavaScript ecosystem is rapidly progressing. It is easy to fall behind and end up with a growing legacy codebase that is hard to work with.

P42 ships code modernization for new language changes end evolving library best practices regularly, so you can relax and don't need to spend time figuring out what comes next in the JavaScript world.

P42 upgrades your codebase while you relax.

Effortlessly upgrade your codebase

It is dull and painful to migrate an existing codebase to follow new patterns and use new syntax - and it can take weeks and months.

P42 automates migrations by providing high-quality suggestions for you to review. Once you are sure about the changes, you can create a pull request with a single click.

P42 helps you accelerate your software development.

Speed up development

Working with code written with old syntax and patterns from 5 or 10 years ago requires a taxing mental shift for experienced developers and is even harder for new developers who have not been part of that phase of the JavaScript ecosystem.

P42 helps you keep your codebase modern and consistent. It makes it easy to onboard new developers, allows you to leverage new tooling for the current syntax, and prevents slowdowns caused by inconsistencies.

"Legacy code is a growing problem in the JavaScript world. I've created P42 to help developers modernize code easily, so they can enjoy implementing new features with the latest standards."
Lars Grammel
Founder of P42

Analyze your code

No more guesswork and manual checks. P42 scans the code in your GitHub repositories for improvements on every commit.

P42 Code Analysis Overview

Open pull requests

Create pull requests for the suggested changes with a single click. Your GitHub actions can test and verify the pull request.

P42-generated GitHub Pull Request

Automatic code reviews

Don't let outdated code patterns come back to life. P42 automatically reviews your pull requests and commits and flags any changes that would need modernization.

P42 Commit Checks on a GitHub Pull Request